Deputy CEO for ISIDA-IVF Clinic’s Strategic Development Oleg Petrenko took part in the international conference in Vienna

On 6-7 November, Vienna (Austria) hosted the 2-nd International Conference on Healthcare & Hospital Management and 6-th International Conference on Medical and Nursing Education. Oleg Petrenko, Deputy CEO for Strategic Development of the ISIDA-IVF Clinic, participated in the conferences.

“Management, the same way as a medical care, should be based on evidence,” – assures Oleg Petrenko. Than he continues his story about his visit to Austria:

“The main idea of ​​the conference is that the proper organizational culture and trust among medical workforce should be a basis for patient safety – along with continuing education of nurses. After all, there are the nurses who often appears to be the defining link in ensuring the safety of the medical care process.

Speakers and participants from all over the world shared the experience of introducing a modern organizational culture in the clinics, which provided the maximum level of safety for the patient.

Within a period of years, ISIDA-IVF clinic implements modern principles of building an organizational culture that encourages developing trust among medical workforce. They also significantly reduce the potential negative impact of the “human” factor and minimize mistakes in the organization of medical care for women and children.

Foresting such kind of culture requires continuing education and lifelong learning of medical workforce. This is the basis of constant professional development of employees in the clinic, so the investments in employees development grow every year.

After all, not only modern equipment and medical  protocols ensure the quality and safety in the process of diagnosis and treatment. It is also the proper interaction between the clinic’s employees, which grounds on evidence-based practices in the management of professional medical activity and trust.

The conference allowed us to see a wide range of tools for implementing the best management and training practices that have proven to be effective in the world and which can be implemented into the daily practice of the ISIDA-IVF clinic now.

Investing in the development of workforce is a significant investment in the development of the ISIDA-IVF progress in the future in order to better meet the needs of our patients. ”

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