Biologist of the ISIDA clinic Natalia Korotkevich visited one of the best clinics in Georgia

Biologist of the ISIDA clinic Natalia Korotkevich has visited one of the best clinics in Georgia – ReproART. From 21 to 24 October 2017 there was an intensive exchange of experience between Ukrainian and Georgian reproductive specialists, biologists, laboratory technicians, geneticists that took place in the clinic ReproART. During those four days, representatives of Ukrainian clinics specializing in treatment of infertility were exchanging their practical experience with international specialists in the field of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Natalia Korotkevich, a biologist of the ISIDA clinic, took part in an active discussion of topical issues of modern clinical embryology.

ReproART is one of the most successful clinics in Georgia. It specializes in the treatment of all types of infertility, including the entire spectrum of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. The clinic staff, doctors and embryologists are international professionals, a lot of them has got their education, worked and underwent a training in leading clinics in the US and Europe. They have all the modern approaches and principles of infertility treatment, so live communication with them are of great interest to everyone who works in this field.

«The clinic visit included intensive exchange of experience with colleagues, discussion of new trends in clinical embryology and preimplantation genetic diagnosis, new approaches to the organization of the embryological laboratory and systematic analysis of the quality of reproductive clinics. Thanks to the constant cooperation and exchange of experience with leading foreign clinics, we have an opportunity to always be aware of the latest trends and approaches in the infertility treatment, and also to effectively apply them in our daily clinical practice», – Natalia Korotkevich shared her impressions of the visit to the clinic ReproART.

Rapid development of assisted reproductive technologies obliges all specialists who work in this field constantly improve their qualification and professional level. ISIDA clinic attaches great importance to this issue: fertility specialists, biologists, and geneticists of the clinic regularly visit the leading reproductive clinics in Europe and other countries of the world, take part in international scientific and practical conferences.

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