Doctors of ISIDA Clinic Ksenia Khazhilenko and Natalia Redko attended a master class of reproductive medicine in Greece

Reproduction specialists of the in vitro fertilization department Kseniya Khazhilenko and Natalia Redko visited the workshop “POSEIDON criteria: from poor ovarian response to the concept of low prognosis”. The master class took place on October 13-14 in Athens (Greece).

The workshop in Athens was devoted to the work with an extremely complex group of patients participating in ART programs (assisted reproductive technologies) who received a poor reproductive prognosis due to age or genetic characteristics of the ovaries. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such patients not only in groups having problems with fertilization, but also among patients who experience unsuccessful results of specialized treatment. Therefore, the powerful efforts of the world’s best reproductive specialists are aimed at not only predicting the possibility of unfavorable development of events with the greatest possible accuracy, but also increasing the chances for the birth of a healthy child.

For two days, the best reproductors of the world (P. Humaidan, A. La Marca, S. Esteves, L. Alviggi, A. Capalbo) viewed the problem from all sides in a live dialogue with the participants of the master class. Responding to questions from the audience, guru of modern Reproduction, together with all the participants of the master class were looking for possible solutions to the problem of low ovarian response to stimulation in in vitro fertilization programs and, accordingly, a low chance of pregnancy and childbirth in such programs.

“In most cases, such activities are an immersion in a particular reproductive problem, which is in-depth understood from the positions of various specialists participating in the workshop (embryology, obstetrician-gynecology, genetics). The main interest is that almost half of the working time is devoted to discussions, so any participant is given a unique opportunity to ask his questions to the masters. Such communication is invaluable, because it not only has answers to questions, it also allows you to feel that you are talking with leading foreign colleagues in one language – both literally and in the sense of the professional language of modern reproductive technology,– shares her impressions of the master class Ksenia Khazhilenko, obstetrician-gynecologist, geneticist, ultrasound diagnostician.

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