DREAMS: a musical novel, book and opera fully integrated

DREAMS: the Reflections of Josephine Heavens is the world’s first musical novel, that has a unique multi-media format.
Its misterious storytelling take place with 9 illustrations, 9 QR codes for 9 video downloads: a ghostly steampunk fantasy, set in the North of England, that leads you between the present day and the past, in the Crimean War.
The book takes fairy tales to a totally new dimension, until to rock opera and the psychedelic stage musical.

The main character, a 9 year old Jay, met two girls in his back garden. He didn’t realise that he had gone back in time, that their mother Josephine was a witch and that her music would transport him into another dimension.
But how could he know that the Josephine music can open up a portal to the paranormal?

Dreams is the first part of a trilogy written by Philip Ditchfield